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CHF/HTN Program-Healthy Hearts at Home- H3

CHF/HTN Program-Healthy Hearts at Home- H3

Assisteo Home Health is proud to announce the implementation of H3our TeleHealth CHF/HTN Pilot Program.

The benefits of this program include:

  • Reduction and prevention hospital readmissions
  • Daily monitoring of vitals through TeleHealth devices (weight and blood pressure) to identify potential exacerbation symptoms
    • Symptomatic patients will be contacted by a clinician.
  • Collaboration and communication with overseeing physician
  • Initial visit includes:
    • Medication reconciliation
    • Completion of hospitalization risk assessment
    • TeleHealth device set-up and activation
    • Patient education on disease management and symptom identification

Upon agreement to participate in the program, the patient will receive a Bluetooth compatible HBox device, weight scale, and a blood pressure monitor to be used for the duration of the program. Technology troubleshooting is available 24 hours a day.

Please contact us for patient referrals into this program 602.535.0610.

 Assisteo CHF/HTN Pilot Requirements for Participation

This checklist is to be utilized to confirm if a patient meets criteria to enroll in the CHF/HTN pilot: 

  • Confirmed diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure and/or Hypertension
  • Arm circumference of 8.7 to 16.5 inches
  • Patient weight less than 330lbs
  • Qualify for home health care
  • Active Medicare primary coverage for duration of pilot
  • Ability to stand on the scale
  • Patient willing to participate in program with signed consent
  • 3G Verizon cellular coverage network
  • Electricity in home
  • Telephonic availability (cellular or land line)
Qualifying for Home Health